“Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising”

Mark Twain


Many people ask themselves a question whether it is worth investing in advertising? Will the money spent pay off, not to mention profits?

Nowadays, with so much information, if you do not invest in advertising, then you have no chance to make it in your target market. There are many avenues to target customers - such as print or online, and we are happy to manage any channels you decide to use in your marketing strategy.

The Internet is primarily about your website. Without a properly prepared website, it is difficult to make it in your industry.

The investment in advertising print materials is the second type of advertising, which involves business cards, flyers, calendars, posters, and others. The advantage of this type of advertising is that you can give it to the customer on your own. After receiving it, the customer repeatedly has contact with it, just like people in his immediate surroundings. Besides, in the case of, e.g., calendars, pens or notebooks, the customer simply gets a very useful item and is pleased with the contact with your company.

LOGO ‒ that is a trademark.

It is important to ensure a consistent image of the company - a clear corporate identity across all marketing materials, that is a well-designed logo, along with the right colour scheme of the company, which distinguishes and determines the character of your industry.

BUSINESS CARDS ‒ the simplest form of advertising.

There are many reasons why you should have them! Primarily:

• They help in establishing contact.

• They make it easier to remember the name and surname of the person.

• They allow you to build a professional image in the eyes of our person.

CALENDARS ‒ a practical gift for your customers.

As well as an effective marketing tool 365 days a year.

ADVERTISING LEAFLETS ‒ a well-known form of advertising, which you can come across almost everywhere.

They allow you to reach a wide audience, making the offered product or services even more attractive, and most importantly, recognizable. A well-designed and produced flyer not only presents the offer information, but it also enahnces the company’s image for the customer.

POSTERS ‒ they are a perfect form for reaching a large group of people.

They work well both in clubs, bars, service outlets, offices and in open spaces.

LETTERHEAD ‒ a practical form of advertising, and at the same time the presentation of a good professional image of the company.

Indispensable in contact with the customers, the letterhead with a unified logo and all key pieces of information can provide a credible and trustworthy image of the company that skilfully cares for its image. The corporate stationery allows an easy identification of documentation and correspondance sent to the client/customer.

and many others...

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Do you know which factor has a big impact on how you company and your product is perceived by people, who can be your customers? How many companies do you know whose services you do not want to use?

Is visual identification important?

How important is the brand, and how much impact comes from the visual identification of your company? Positive opinions about services, credibility and reliability – are very important for the company because they create good brand awareness. However, it is difficult to maintain a good reputation without proper coherent visual identification. Primarily, it is a well-designed logo together with the colours selected for the company’s profession and the corresponding font. Of course, the visual system can consist of many more elements. A good visual identification should be consistent and evoke positive associations for the customers, so that the customer does not ignore your message.

Do you need to improve the image of company? Do you want to be perceived better by customers?