We will establish cooperation with stores, retail chains and others – DTP composition of advertising leaflets and magazines

We will adjust the offer to the needs and expectations of the customer. We can develop the entire composition from scratch, creating a magazine template by developing advertising modules, or create the magazine logo or the whole visual identification. On the other hand, to the customers who already have a layout we can offer the composition maintaining the standards set out in it. Preparation of leaflets can be prepared cyclically. On request we can prepare photographs of the products, along with their graphic processing.

We will establish cooperation with Publishers – DTP composition of books

We deal with the professional composition of books. We make sure that everything is flawlessly prepared for printing. We also develop various types of items: scientific publications with tables, charts, novels and books in foreign languages. The scope of our work includes:

  • layout design
  • typesetting and makeup of books
  • cover design
  • photo development
  • table development
  • chart development
  • corrections
  • performing technical correction
  • preparing files for printing

Typesetting of the text and other elements is part of the publishing process, which has the greatest effect on how the book will ultimately look like. We make sure that it is the top shelf “dish”...

Our customers include many famous publishers, such as: Kurpisz, Publicat, PTPN, Oficynka, Katedra, and others.

We invite you to cooperate